The Boss

Heading our team of Construction Warriors is Mark Eagle.

Mark is committed to providing a good quality. cost effective service to all our customers. He's also the Dame in the annual Ipsden Panto.

"Oh Yes He Is!"

Now in his more senior years (if only physically) Mark has recently hung up his spurs and is mainly focussed on managing the business side of things and reminiscing about the good old days when music was better and kids were much better behaved... (were they ever really better behaved!?)

Chris tucks into a snack at The H Cafe, Berinsfield

Plastering / Finishes

Chris Eagle heads up our Improvement (or finishing) Team.

Chris highly experienced and skilled in all aspects of Home Improvements. Including Plastering (obviously!), Tiling, Kitchen & Bathroom fitting and carpentry, to name but a few. His attention to detail and need to "do it right" is why he's indispensable to us.

He also has a healthy appetite! :o)


Brian runs the construction side of the business.

Brian loves knocking buildings about, fitting steels and generally making lots of dust.

He has a special place in his heart for loft conversions bless him.

Here he is displaying a part of a vent he'd found in about 10 seconds, after Mark had spent an hour looking for it. As you can see, he's rather pleased with himself about it! .

In return, Mark used the photo on our website! 

General Manager

Keeping an eye on things is Graham Kent.

Another "Northerner" and ex-forces, Graham is incredibly organised and driven. He manages the whole thing on a day to day basis. 

Graham's focus is making sure we have work in the first place. He then ensures your Project comes in on time, on budget, and with as little fuss as possible.

To discuss your next project, contact Graham by using the form below...

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