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Plastering Solutions

There are different plastering solutions available to you. The one you use depends on a few things...

Your Property Type

Solution Required

Desired Finish

Your Pocket Depth

Commonly Used Plaster

The most commonly requested plastering solution these days are...


Gypsum Plaster & Sand / Cement Render

These days Gypsum finish plaster is the defacto standard plaster for use on the majority of modern buildings, and is the plaster solution we are most often asked to provide. It can be applied to a wide range of backgrounds. It provides a smooth, inert, high quality surface to internal walls and ceilings, and a durable base for the application of decorative finishes.


Traditional Lime Plaster & Render

Lime plaster has been used for hundreds of years on buildings all over the world. Lime plaster is an excellent natural material, and is both flexible and breathable.


Traditional lime plastering should always be used on older properties, and the use of gypsum plasters should be avoided. These buildings were originally constructed using lime, and it is vastly preferable that lime plaster is used when repairing or refurbishing.


Using modern gypsum plasters on older properties will give rise to many problems, amongst which are damp, cracking, efflourescence and mould.



Monocouche is a modern, pre-coloured render often used for speed and cost effectiveness (it's fast to apply and doesn't need painting). However, being a bit of a traditionalist, we don't offer this service. I don't believe it lives up to the promises made or is particularly good for a lot of buildings.


Readily available


 Less Costly

 Direct application onto bricks/blockwork

 Smooth Finish

 Ready To Paint


Traditional Building Solution

 Allows building to breath

 Complies with Listed Building Regulations

 Remains flexible (allows movement, reduces cracks)

 Environmentally Friendly

Customers say...

"If you want a great job

doing, you will not find a better plasterer. And a great guy"

Graham Kent.

Benson, nr Wallingford. Oxon

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