T's & C's

 The Not-So-Small Print
(in other words, our Terms and Conditions)


We are a small family run company and like things simple, straight forward and honest from the start. This helps achieve a happier working relationship between us all. It also helps to ensure things continue to run smoothly. Therefore, we ask you to please note the following details:

Without predjudice, our estimates are offered with the following



  1. Estimates valid for 30 days.    
  2. Electrical/Plumbing figures are provisional & subject to site survey.
  3. Any decorating includes costs for Dulux or equivalent paint and assume 1 colour per each surface type, i.e., Ceilings/Walls/Woodwork = 1 colour each
  4. Title of all materials remains ours until final payment is received.
  5. Where the client is supplying materials, they should be on site prior to work commencing. Time lost whilst waiting materials will be charged as an extra.
  6. We have to the best of our ability included for all required works as detailed. However, to err is human, so “Errors and Omissions Are Excluded”. Please check that all the work you wish done is mentioned above, as these details form the basis from which the team work. If anything is missing, it is an extra
  7. The nature of a house being what it is, we may not have anticipated everything. For that reason you should always treat an estimated price as budgetary
  8. Price assumes that any furniture, breakable and/or valuable items have been removed from the working area prior to us starting. Anything left in the working area will be left there at the client’s risk.
  9. Price is calculated assuming that the work will be carried out as 1 job (unless otherwise stated). If carried out piecemeal we will pass on any associated costs
  10. Only waste created by us should be placed in any skips (until we’ve finished, at which time you are free to fill it to the brim!).
  11. Our price assumes availability of all welfare facilities, power, water and suitable parking for work vehicles. Any costs incurred will be billed as an extra
  12. Any permissions required for the alterations will have been sought by you and approved prior to commencement of works. If not, any costs incurred by us will be chargeable as an extra.
  13. We guarantee our workmanship for 3 months after work completed.
  14. Extras are charged at £90ph or £375pd (whichever is lowest) + materials (+20% OH&P) + VAT


Payment Terms

  1. Initial 25% Non-Refundable Deposit followed by 2 interim payments of 25% with 1 final payment of 25% due upon satisfactory completion of all works. Larger projects may have more interim payments which will be agreed prior to work commencing
  2. In all cases, invoices are due for payment upon presentation